29 May 2012

Big Crumb Rhubarb Coffee Cake.

I go through sudden, drastic phases.  I can go for weeks without baking any sweets, and not give it a second thought.  And then suddenly - and without warning - Katie-Bakes-A-Lot rises from her dormant slumber.  Last night I felt the swift desire for crumbly sweets take over - and into the kitchen I was drawn.

I don't think it's a secret that I'm a big fan of Smitten Kitchen.  The Gingerbread Apple Upside Down Cake is now a staple at holiday meals.  Her Couscous and Feta Stuffed Peppers are amazing.  The Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms are a perfect meal for a romantic night in for My Mister and I. (Note: if there are two people consuming mass amounts of garlic they cancel each other out.  Thank god he's a fan of garlic - that could have been a deal-breaker.)

The Big Crumb Coffee Cake is no exception.  The cake is tender, the rhubarb isn't overly sweetened so there's still a bit of tartness that makes rhubarb what it is.  The crumb, however, is not as great as I would have imagined.  I knew when I was adding ingredients for the crumb portion of the cake that I wouldn't be 100% satisfied, and I should have trusted my instincts.  The main ingredient for the crumb is flour, and you really can taste it, and texturally it seems a little chalky.  If I made this again I would definitely swap out half of the flour for chopped or ground nuts, just to add a little flavor and texture.

ETA: Just this morning, Deb over at Smitten Kitchen posted this recipe, which sound very similar to the cake that I just made.  I guess it's that time of year!  When life gives you rhubarb - make cake!


  1. That looks so good! I'll have to give the edited recipe a try!

  2. Hmmm. So yum. I need to try this one..

  3. Wow. Now I'm hungry ! The cake is beautiful and looks yummy !


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